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Websites designed for construction companies

Mobile Optimized Contractors Websites That Generate Leads

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    Contractors Website Design & SEO

    Construction industry websites designed for contractors and builders. We only use the latest in technology to ensure the future of your construction business stays ahead of your competition. Your website will have high rankings on search results, be very fast and will adapt to any device. Adaptive responsive websites used by large companies ensure high ranking.

    SEO, can be the best ROI, return on investment. Increases sales and profits in measurable terms. History has shown an website that are SEO optimized receive a 90% increase in traffic from search engines. Over 60% of shopper never click past the first page of search results.

    Responsive websites for contractors start at $199.Website Prices

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    Websites for Contractors

    Our web program for contractor and builders is about generating leads, qualifying leads and increasing market share. Websites for contractors is a marking tool. A website is just a website without all the required elements of marketing and branding. After all, what good is a contractor's website on page 5 in search results? Having a great online brochure is nice, but not generating leads

    Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC, roofers and landscapers, look no further! We have created a lead generating machine that will crust your competition.

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    Responsive Website Design for Contractors industry

    2012 was undoubtedly the year of mobile (and tablets), and developers have been working feverishly to keep up with this evolving channel. However, the numerous types of devices has made it exceedingly time consuming and expensive to create high-performing sites optimized for every screen size. This slates responsive Web design to be, again, one of the hottest trends in 2013. This design technique allows developers to leverage CSS to create one single site layout that will automatically conform to a device's screen size. While this can be a complex technique to implement, it is definitely the optimal way to create websites today. Consumers are demanding, whether they know it or not, a uniformed online experience across all channels and responsive Web design allows brands to meet the challenge. - Website Magazine, February 2013

Website Design with SEO for the Construction Industry

  • Branding, Business ID - We apply branding techniques across all media
  • Website Development - Truly functional website utilizing the latest in web development
  • Website Design - Clean layout, easy navigation for moving shoppers forward
  • Mobile Website - One website for all devices, mobile phone, tablets & desktops Construction Templates
  • Responsive Website - Adaptive website that changes according to the device be used
  • Call to Action - Every page web page gets, act now, call today strategically placed
  • Web Content - We write 200-600 words per page. Google loves content
  • Social Sites - Looking for Facebook page, Google+ or LinkedIn? Construction Websites
  • Social & Links - Business links, social links, links to download files and forms
  • Marketing - Your website design for contractors will be your marketing hub
  • Social and links - Business links, social links, links to download files and forms
  • SEO-Generate Leads - SEO will assist in high rankings in search results, generating leads
  • Promotions - Fresh content updated each month, new promotions and news


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    Contractors Website Technology - A website utilizing the latest in web technology. Contractor's website design based on php, html 5 and css 3. The same as Microsoft, Google and Boston Globe. Your new site will adapt to the browser or device being used. This new cutting edge technique is call responsive concept. One website designed for all platforms, desktops and mobile devices

  • Contractors Web Content - Producing web content for contractors and builders just got easy! We have put together a questionnaire design for contractors in the construction industry. If you choose our fully managed contractors website package, our content writer will call you at your location. He will go through all the questions and assist in developing a story about your company and details of products and services you would like to provide. Google love fresh content and will reward your website design for contractors.

  • Contractors Graphics - We can generate traffic with writing content and each web page optimized for search engines. Pictures are key to conversion, converting a shopper to a buyer. Every page is design to incorporate lots of pictures to show off your work. It's extremely important to have actual picture of your work. We encourage every contractor to provide as many pictures as possible. Over time your website should have hundreds of pictures of your portfolio. Keep taking pictures every day! The right picture with content can increase sales significantly

Contractors Lead Generating Machine

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Websites Designed for Contractors with SEO

Contractors Industry Website Design w/ SEO; Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Landscapers, Roofers, Carpenters Web Solutions

Branding techniques designed for contractors applied to your website will enforce a professional image and create trust. Call to action strategically placed on each web page along with downloadable information. Your brand or company image will be applied across all online platforms including social places.

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